Structural Steel Designing

We design and produce steel with a variety of properties to suit different requirements putting the factors of its mechanical properties, availability in a variety of useful and practical shapes, economy, design simplicity, and ease and speed of construction.

Fabricating Steel Works

We have provided expert fabrication services for over a long period. Our high quality standards and exceptional service has provided a reliable source of stainless steel components for manufactures in the pharmaceutical, food and biomedical industries.

General Engineering

Our engineering and design capabilities provide turnkey metal fabrication that focuses on every aspect of product manufacturing including, problem analysis, design, engineering, specification proposals, fabrication, installation, testing, and post-installation technical assistance.

Design and Fabrication of Warehouses

Getting the right warehouse layout and design for your organisation can be a challenge but the rewards are well worth the endeavour. Plan Structures are experts in both warehouse design,layout, and fabrication.

Design and Fabrication of Go-Downs

By focusing on Go-Down design, development and implementation in relation to supply chain and logistics we can help you meet the many and varied challenges faced by changing economic climates. Plan Structures project teams comprise highly skilled and experienced consultants with years of sector experience and understanding.

Engineering and Construction Consultancy

At a time when costs continue to rise, our engineering and construction clients face an increasingly dynamic environment driven by globalization, greater project complexity, and a rising call from customers for faster and less costly performance. We assist our clients navigate these challenges. Plan Structures do this by supporting an emerging market strategy, a reorganization, or a project-cost optimization to deliver significant, sustainable impact for our clients.

Roofing Solutions

Plan Structures is the roofing solution for you, providing exceptional services with professional roofers. We are your roofing and gutter specialist serving East Africa. Keeping a roof over your head has always been a basic necessity so when you are thinking about protecting your home and family, or office and business, just consult Plan Structures for we rise above the competition because quality matters, your time and money are priorities, and our expertise is guaranteed.


Plan Structures offers metal shearing services to our customers requiring these metal-fabricating services. We operate a number of shears to assist our customers to produce the exact sheared-size components they need to meet their custom fabricated metal parts requirements. We also offer sheet metal cutting for the same standard materials that we stamp.

Bending and Rolling of Steel

Plan Structures have a wide range of machinery for steel bending and rolling of sections, extrusions and plate. We specialise in being able to handle components of all shapes and thicknesses. Bending is carried out in a clean, non-ferrous bending area where almost any length to suit customer requirements be curved, with additional value-added services available upon request to meet our customer’s needs.